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Dean Blunt - Stone Island

Inline image 1From FACT:
"…reportedly recorded in his Moscow hotel room while in the country recently."

From Tiny Mixtapes:
"The album is available for download here too, but you may encounter problems extracting due to how the files are named. If that’s the case, try here or here.”

Found Sound: Jon Hopkins

firework residue

From Dummy.
“An eerily dramatic fireworks sample recorded by celebrated composer Jon Hopkins during London 2012.”

Rosemarie Fiore, Firework Drawing #5, 2005, lit firework residue, collage on paper, 40 in x 60 in

By Strategy: On The Figure Of The Troll



Language is a plastic thing. One cannot be too precious about new and different uses of words once held in one context. Indeed the plasticity of language is one of the key engines of the innovation and diversity of internet culture. However, recent discussion of the word troll and its…